Competitive electric markets offer infinite value to National Church Residences

National Church Residences is one of the foremost leaders in affordable, senior housing and health care, with 330 living communities under management in 28 states and Puerto Rico. As a non-profit organization strongly focused on providing affordable...

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Sheetz sees advantage in operating in competitive electricity markets

As a leading retail marketer of petroleum-based products, we are familiar with markets and regularly use the price-risk mitigation tools available to us when we operate in the petroleum marketplace.

Our electricity purchases for our stores are a major cost of doing business, so we bring that market expertise to bear in that area as well...

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Owens Corning has long utilized competitive electricity markets

Competition among electricity suppliers has given Owens Corning the opportunity to manage its consumption in a way that aligns with the company’s needs. This includes many different facets of electricity procurement - including retail supply contracts, financial swaps and renewable energy projects - all of which help the company pursue its 2020 Sustainability goals....

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About the COMPETE Coalition

The COMPETE Coalition is 791 electricity stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, traditional and clean energy generators, transmission owners, trade associations, technology innovators, environmental organizations and economic development corporations – all of whom support well-structured competitive electricity markets for the benefit of our country.

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Watt Matters

Oct 01, 2015 | 10:31 am
Bill Massey

Manufacturers, retailers, economists, former regulators, environmentalists and competitive electricity suppliers testified before the Michigan Senate Energy and Technology Committee in opposition to legislation that would effectively...