About COMPETE: Competition in Electricity Markets


 The COMPETE Coalition announced that it has completed its mission and is ending its operations, effective January 1, 2016. The following is a statement by the Hon. William Massey, former FERC Commissioner and counsel to COMPETE:

“COMPETE has played a key role in contributing to the robust competitive markets and customer satisfaction that exists today. We have been at the forefront of dozens of key regulatory and industry discussions over the years, impacting the shape and nature of the way electricity markets are understood.

Of note, COMPETE has served an important purpose for more than a decade, having initially been formed to contribute to the federal policy discussion around electricity markets, including at FERC, where we achieved notable success. Over time, however, and as with any public policy debate, the discussion around competitive markets has evolved, along with the need for a national organization like COMPETE.

Our nearly 800 electricity stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, traditional and clean energy generators, transmission owners, trade associations, technology innovators, environmental organizations and economic development corporations continue to support well-structured competitive electricity markets as their preferred energy industry structure. There are also a host of other organizations that are actively working to expand competitive markets, and we look forward to their continued success in shaping the electricity market discussion.

COMPETE thanks all of its supporters, partners, members and allies over the years who have contributed time, effort and resources in shaping support for competitive electricity markets.”